Spring has sprung at Bella Forte Designs! These beautifully seasonal cigar style boxes are covered completely with custom printed cloth. As a result the cigar style boxes become a one of a kind presentation for our clients. The client created a color gradient which the BFD team printed onto white Iris cloth. In addition to the printed cloth the box is designed with five wells to house a tee shirt, camera, picture frame, pencils and a journal and calendar. Each item fits perfectly into its assigned well and is identified with a printed interior lid.


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We are so excited to add Bethany to the Bella Forte Designs team!

“I came to live in New Mexico for the 1st time about 12 years ago after having lived alternatively on Nantucket Island and in Maui. I left here to travel the country for 3 years in an Airstream trailer starting in 2007. I really thought that the Airstream travels would land me in a whole new place where I would want put down roots but New Mexico kept calling me back. Somehow it felt like the perfect combination of elements between the vast landscape, enormous sky and the electric energy the place emits no matter where you are. You can feel the pulse of the earth here in a wild way that doesn’t exist in so many of our modern, developed landscapes. I love that this part of the country reconnects you to a more primitive, natural space.

I worked for several years as an artisan chocolatier and a baker. I also collected and sold interesting pieces of vintage clothing, made jewelry and focused on photography for several years in an artist residency on Canyon Rd in Santa Fe.  I’m drawn to handmade things, things that are thoughtfully crafted and objects that tell a story. I think story telling is one of our most important and beautiful opportunities as humans. It connects us, it broadens our view of the world, it teaches us about things we haven’t personally encountered and encourages bravery, empathy and creativity. I’m so happy to add working with Bella Forte to my storyline… I can’t wait to see what we create together!”
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Although most of our clients here at Bella Forte Designs keep our creative minds busy artists have a tendency to push us even further down the innovation rabbit hole. Artist Kimsooja is no different. This seemingly sleek and simple four walled clamshell box has a twist. Iris cloth in medium gray lines the walls and cover. Even though it is not pictured the cover and spine of the box feature the title custom printed. The innovative design comes in the form of the interior lid. Interior lids commonly have a ribbon tab or are included in a notched clamshell box. For Kimsooja’s particular project neither of these options would do. The BFD team has instead expertly crafted a small notch in the back wall. The interior lid, with a notch of its own, fits perfectly in place. In addition to the printing on the cover, the interior lid has the title of the art piece printed on Iris cloth in smoke.


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After what feels like a whirl wind Bella Forte Designs is all settled and feeling inspired in our new home. Nestled in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains in Santa Fe, New Mexico Bella Forte Designs is enjoying the sunshine and vast landscape. Moving a growing studio is no easy task. The Vandercook letterpress weighs over 2000 alone! In addition to the press there is the board shear and multiple large scale flat files. Boy did we have our work cut out for us! With the help of an amazing moving team the entire BFD studio made it 2000 miles to their new home. After the all the heavy equipment made it safely inside we quickly and thoughtfully set up the new studio.

With eight skylights BFD left the city life for natural light and warming rays. Large windows fill the studio with views of mountains and blue skies. As a result the entire BFD team is feeling a strong creative energy. Most of all we are feeling very inspired to make your vision a reality.

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Still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? As the date approaches Bella Forte Designs has the perfect gifts on our Ready Made page! Ordering online is quick, easy and you will get it in time for the big day!

Share all the ways you love your lover in a petite journal. A letterpress design adorns the cover and reads “Let Me Count the Ways” giving you the opportunity to compliment your love. Housed in a silk box this small book will be a big gift. Writing not your strong suit? Consider gifting your special someone a keepsake box then! Our decorative boxes come in seven color options. They measure 11.75”W x 9.5”H x 3.5”D making them the perfect size to keep all the loving memories and photos from your time spent together. Already married to your Valentine? Then give them a wedding keepsake box. This special box will hold all your wedding memorabilia, with an inset for both a photo and the wedding invitation. With a personalized embossing of your names and the special date this gift will go down in Valentines Day history!


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With Valentine’s Day approaching the Bella Forte Designs is buzzing with one of a kind gifts full of love! There is no better way to show your partner how much they mean than to gift them a personalized photo album of your time spent together. Whether the images are of your wedding day or just of your adventures together, these loving memories will be cherished for a lifetime. Using Silk ribbon and book cloth you gift will be elegant and beautiful. Personalize your album with an inset photograph on the cover, embossing or both! Add a double walled clamshell box to protect the album for years to come.


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At Bella Forte Designs we are committed to helping our clients thrive with unforgettable collateral. With a sleek, simple logo and a crisp white branding color custom letterpress business cards are just what photographer Liz Bretz wanted. The cards are two inches by two inches with the logo on the front and the photographer’s contact information on the other side. Printed in black these small but sturdy cards are on 220lb Lettra paper. We love using letterpress for business cards because it adds a textural element with the embossed typography. In addition to the cards Liz Bretz ordered a custom clamshell portfolio box. The box is in white Iris cloth with her logo printed on the cover.  

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